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Together for a cleaner future

We also want to be careful with resources and strive to protect the environment on a daily basis.

In addition, our guests can take advantage of the Green Card: guests who forego room cleaning, thus saving on water, energy and chemicals, receive 10 CHF.- voucher for the restaurant or Trafo Market.

More green initiatives:

-Paperless office
-PET bottles and Nespresso capsules are collected and disposed of professionally
-Glass straws insteas of paper straws
-Local and regional products
-Guests are encouraged to use towels several times
-We use ecological lavatory and sanitary cleaners
-Broken aprons, mops and other textiles are repaired instead of thrown away

planned iniatives

-Instead of paper towels only washable lavettes in the guest toilets

Heart projects

To Good to Go - Against Foodwaste

Since 2019, we have been involved with To Good to Go to actively tackle food waste. Every month, we can save up to 18 whole meals and make a small contribution. However, as before, our long-term goal is to train and optimize our F&B so that there is no food waste at all.


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Special Olympics Switzerland - For a world where everyone is welcome.

Through the power of sport, we aim to create an inclusive world where people with intellectual disabilities can lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives. We seek to advance this world through annual donations to underscore that all people should always be welcome and
have a right to a fulfilling life.


Certificate 2022

Click here to donate - Fight against Heartdeath

In 85 percent of all sudden cardiac deaths are initially caused by ventricular fibrillation. A defibrillator can interrupt this electrically circular excitation in the heart by simultaneously stimulating at least 70 percent of all heart muscle cells. Defibrillators are posted in all our hotels and are checked regularly. We are also committed to transparency and have ensured that the locations are freely accessible and communicated via the app.



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