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Our Indoor Fitness Room

small but nice!

Whether you want to do your daily workout, stretching exercises or Yoga to switch off. In our Fitness room you will find everything you need to get a vitalizing all-round package for your restful overnight in our hotel.

Our room is versatile. Yoga, strength training, endurance, Pilates or your own exercises - we have everything conveniently on site.

So special Highlit, we offer on our TV various exercises for easy imitation.


-Various weights
-Sports Mats
-Black Roll Accessories
-Weight Bench
-Balance Trainer
-Rung Wall
-Resistance Bands
-Yoga blocks
-Radio and Television

Enjoy your Fitness Routine in our house!

  • free Wifi
  • 24hours open
  • Teestation
  • fit and healthy
  • TV