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The corner house on the Haselstrasse and Güterstrasse was built in 1912 by the architects Dorer and Füchlin as the Hotel Löwen and thus falls within the overall context of the architectural style of historicism.
The term historicism in art history refers to a widespread in the 19th century and partly still in the 20th century aftermath phenomenon in which one resorted to older styles, this partially combined and reinterpreted.

So the house Löwen is kept in rather simple neo-Baroque and gently moving forms. This style was then widespread in Central Europe and the mansard roofs, which were usually a red-brown beaver tail coverage, were typical. Since its founding, the Löwen has housed several different gastronomic concepts, most recently the Mexican restaurant Pepitos, before it was acquired by Werner Eglin and Stefan Wetzel in 2006 and the current Blue City Hotel and Restaurant LEMON was created as part of a total renovation.